This Veterans Cemetery Index user's guide has been created to help patrons better understand how these cards and maps were cataloged and to assist in finding the information that is related to a specific veteran or cemetery. For more information about the collection in general, view the collection description.

Please note that some mistakes have been discovered in the records made by the WPA. However, because we are not the creator of these records, we cannot alter any of the entries or the actual records themselves. Therefore, we welcome comments from patrons on individual records noting any discovered mistakes and informing us of corrections.

View the Works Progress Administration's Final Report on the Veterans Graves Registration Project - This report explains in detail the process by which this Cemetery Index was created in 1939-1940.

Information about the Veteran Cards

Indexing Status: Indexing is complete.

Searching: The Veteran Cards are searchable by name, location of residence (noted as "Address" on the cards), war served, cemetery, and record number.

Only the veteran's name, date (or year) of birth, address, war served, date (or year) of death, cemetery and record number were cataloged; the remaining information (such as cause of death, enlistment information, and service record) about the veteran is visible on the card image.

Searching Tips: You can search by first or last name, or by partial name. Insert an asterisk "*" after the first few letters to get all results with those beginning letters. If your search is not successful, you should try scrolling through our indexes alphabetically. ANY name may be spelled differently than you expect due to a variety of reasons involving the original document or the transcription and data entry.

Information Cataloged: (highlighted in purple)

Veteran's Name (Last, First, Middle)
Date (or year) of birth
Location of Residence (Address)
Date (or year) of death
War Served (War)
Record number

Searchable Information (highlighted in pink)

Veteran's Name (Last, First, Middle)
Location of Residence (Address)
War Served (War)
Record number

Note about Record Numbers: Each veteran buried in Westchester County was assigned a unique "Record number" which corresponds to a map of the cemetery where the veteran was buried. Click on the record number in the catalog information to find the corresponding cemetery map.

Please note that some efforts have been made to correct errors in the Record numbers made on the original index cards. Therefore, if it was discovered that the assigned Record number on a card did not correspond to an actual map location, the correct Record number / map location was determined and cataloged. In these instances, both the original and corrected Record numbers are provided in the catalog record.

In addition, there are some cases where two veterans share the same Record number, but it is located on two different maps. In these cases, the section and plot number information on the card can be used to differentiate between the two individuals.

Note about Cemetery Names: From the time this index was created in the 1930s, some of the cemetery names have changed. In order to create a standard vocabulary for the index, Patrick Raftery (Librarian for the Westchester County Historical Society) created a cemetery index of all the cemeteries in Westchester County. This index includes the current names of existing cemeteries, dates of operation, locations of the cemeteries, and notes about the cemeteries which includes information such as former names of cemeteries, relocation information and WCHS catalog information.

Information about the Cemetery Maps

Indexing Status: All the cemetery maps have been cataloged and indexed. To see all of the images, browse the cemetery maps.

It is important to note that the maps for cemeteries located in Yonkers (with the exception of Sherwood Park Cemetery, Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery, Saint John's Episcopal Church Cemetery in Crestwood, and what once was the Congregation People of Righteousness Cemetery) are not available in this collection.

Because the maps were created during the 1930s, some of the names of cemeteries have changed. The current name for each cemetery can be found in the "Cemetery" field, and the title of each map is the 1930s name for the cemetery. The "Additional Notes" field will state what the cemetery was once known as in the 1930s (and often will match the title of the map shown on the map itself). See the note above about cemetery names for more information.

In a few instances, a veteran Record number (see note above about Record numbers) was recorded on an index card but not recorded on a corresponding map. It is not known whether the grave of the veteran was ever located in the cemetery noted on the index card, or a mistake was made in noting the veteran's grave on the map.

Using the Cards and Maps

Using the cards we can locate the veteran on the cemetery maps following these steps:

        See the veteran card above for full card information


  1. Identify the name of the cemetery and the section to select the map
    (or simply click on the Record number within the veteran card's catalog
    information to bring up the map where the veteran is buried)

  2. Locate the section on the map

  3. Locate the lot number (i.e. "Plot E, Range 4")

  4. Locate the Record number which identifies the veteran.

Click on any image below for the full map

Map Title

Section number

Lot number

Record numbers can also be used on the maps to find the name of the veteran to whom a specific grave belongs to. Find the Record number on the map and click on the corresponding number in the catalog information to find the veteran card that matches that Record number.